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Spring has come

Posted by Master Editor on
La primavera è arrivata

In spring the skin is reborn, help it to become soft and radiant again, leaving behind the gray and cold of winter. This is the season when nature awakens, the days get longer and the skin needs to regain energy and vitality.

The winter months have left a mark on the face and body and for this reason it is necessary to change our habits to better prepare for the new season.

Even the beauty routines must find a new impetus to prepare the skin for the spring and summer climate.

Cleansing plays a fundamental role in preparing the skin for renewal.

  • We select cosmetics with a lighter consistency so that the skin can breathe, but moisturizing it in the same way. So go on with the light textures that give us a pleasant sensation of freshness.
  • The advice is to have two different face creams with us: one light and one richer; this is because our skin is not always the same both during the week but also within each day. We listen to our skin and renew it with natural-based cosmetics.
  • Thanks to anti-oxidants such as blueberry extract and wheat germ oil, it is possible to renew the skin with gentleness and delicacy.

Moisturizing face creams with Anti-Oxidants

Our 24 Hour and Suprema face creams have the right functional mix for the care of your skin. Characterized by the presence of anti-oxidants such as Blueberry Extract and Wheat Germ Oil, our face creams also have Aloe vera which performs a moisturizing function.

Both creams are regenerating and deeply moisturize, making the skin toned and luminous, and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

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