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Gift voucher - Naturae Gunè


New Christmas 2020, Naturae Gunè Gift Coupons

"Promo valid until January 18, 2021"
Hand cream in homage: aThe use of the gift voucher, the person you love will receive a 50ml hand cream in free.

They can be sent by e-mail to the person you love, thatcan Choose the cosmetics you prefer and receive them comfortably at home.
Gift vouchers are valid for a (1) year, they are safe and comfortable to use.

You can choose between:

15€ - 25€ - 35€ - 45€ - 55€ - 65€ - 80€ 


+ Safe and easy to use

+ Usable for products of all collections (cosmetics, anti -voes)

+ Validity one (1) year from the date of purchase

+ Validity of all promotions

How does it work

+ Buy a gift voucher, you will receive an e-mail of order confirmation and then an e-mail with the gift voucher code.

+ You can send the communication to the person you want to give the voucher in turn otherwise you can print the gift voucher and deliver it.